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Smartphone chipmaker launched by Fujitsu NEC Docomo

A new smartphone chip manufacturer has been launched as Japanese firms seek to cut their reliance on foreign-made mobile chips.

Access Network Technology pits Fujitsu, NTT Docomo and NEC against Qualcomm, the world's largest mobile chip manufacturer and leading supplier of core microchips used in fast-selling smartphones and tablets.

Fujitsu will own 52.8 per cent of the new venture, which it previously planned to set up on its own.

NTT Docomo and NEC will acquire 19.9 per cent and 17.8 per cent respectively of the company, while Fujitsu Semiconductor will own the remaining 9.5 per cent, the companies said.

The joint venture will develop chips that control wireless communications and signals, while outsourcing production, and, according to Fujitsu, aims to gain 7 per cent of the global market share for smartphone chips by 2014.

The new company will also research products for high-speed Long-Term Evolution (LTE) networks and next-generation network technology.

Together with Panasonic, the three companies in Access Network Technology announced a partnership last year with South Korea's Samsung to manufacture their own mobile phone chips.

The deal was called off this April after the companies failed to agree on partnership terms.

Smartphone and tablet makers were hit with supply uncertainty earlier this year after Qualcomm warned in April it would be unable to meet demand for its advanced chips due to a capacity shortfall at contract manufacturer Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing.

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