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Retro tech style and tweeting at your TV at IFA

Back to the future in Berlin, as the second day of the IFA consumer technology trade show sees brand-new retro design from Philips and Sennheiser.

If the first day of the gigantic Berlin-based consumer technology trade show, IFA, was about up-to-the-minute mobile and ultra-high-definition TV announcements, the second day of announcements was about home comforts and retro style.

Probably the biggest modern announcement of the day was Asus bringing out its take on a Windows 8 device – the Vivo Tab and Vivo Tab RT. As with Samsung yesterday, the approach is touchscreen tablet plus detachable keyboard. But initial hands-on reactions are this is the best version of such a design yet.

Also fairly bang up-to-the-minute were Philips Fidelio A1 and A2 – these devices added multiroom streaming capabilities to existing speakers and hi-fis alongside other already-announced Fidelio standalone wireless speakers – this is clearly aiming at Sonos' multiroom market.

Philips also were showcasing several innovations to their "Smart TV" range – including a QWERTY keyboard on the back of remotes to help typing and the ability to run TV programme-related tweets alongside the show.

Philips also led the retro charge though – with its stunning Original Radio range. These use Philips' old radios as inspiration, but add in 21st century tech such as iPhone docks and DAB+ radio.

Philips also showed off a home product that wouldn't have looked out of place in the 70s alongside the fondue sets – HomeCooker, co-designed with Jamie Oliver, is a self-stirring electric saucepan, with an optional extra "Cutting Tower" that'll even do the chopping for you too. The idea is for modern, time-poor families, to make fresh throw-it-in-a-pot food.

Sennheiser were also embracing retro styling with their new Momentum over-ear headphones, with leather cups and a stainless steel headband.

Finally, while not exactly "retro", Harman Kardon SoundSticks Wireless took its iconic and existing see-through desktop speakers and has now added Bluetooth for streaming audio from any passing smartphone, tablet etc.

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