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Manufacturing competition opens for small firms

The UK government is investing up to £2m to stimulate innovation by small and micro businesses in a broad range of manufacturing competences.

The Technology Strategy Board, the UK’s innovation agency, is to award grant funding to support feasibility studies.

The board is seeking applications for projects across the whole manufacturing lifecycle - from design and engineering through to process development, manufacture, service delivery and re-manufacture/re-use, including innovation in supply/distribution chains, risk management and business models.

The manufacturing competition is open to small and micro firms only, either working alone or in collaboration with one partner. The feasibility studies can last up to four months and are eligible for grants of up to £25,000. Total costs must not exceed £33,000.

The competition opens on 24 September and companies must register their interest by 31 October, with applications submitted by 7 November.

Further information:

Find out more about the manufacturing competition.

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