China Mobile invests in Shanghai wireless hub

Wireless services are rolled out for digital Shanghai project

China Mobile plans to invest $2bn over three years to upgrade its network to offer seamless mobile connections with the aim of making Shanghai a wireless hub.

According to an official of the company in Beijing, Yan Li, the investment will focus on network upgrade, application development, cloud computing and upgrading the information security system (protecting information and the information systems from unauthorised users).

Yan said the framework to make Shanghai a Digital City will include development of applications for telemedicine, e-commerce, e-government, city management and distance learning.

The project started last summer with the signing of an agreement with the Shanghai municipal government and will be completed in early 2014.

People in Shanghai will be able to connect to wireless hotspots across the city to access real-time information on 50 types of services offered by the municipal government and public utilities via mobile phones, PCs and iPads.

China Mobile’s aim is to offer low cost-services to residents in Shanghai. The company is currently carrying out a two-year pilot project using a ‘smart watch’ developed by the company, 150 of which have been distributed to poor households in the city, with the monthly fee paid by the city government. The device is intended to provide a simple interface, but the company spokesman was unable to give details of its functions.

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