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US army to deploy infantry simulation system

Visual computing solutions company Quantum3D  is to provide an immersive training platform, ExpeditioDI, to train deployed soldiers in a virtual environment.

The system is a self-contained and wearable close combat infantry simulator training platform which includes a high-resolution Head Mounted Display (HMD) and a powerful battery-powered wearable computing pack that enables an infantry squad to move through and interact in a virtual environment while fighting and communicating as they would in a real-world combat situation.

“This is the first of its kind infantry simulator. Now your groundforce and infantry troops can get experience before they enter combat,” said Pratish Shah, marketing director, Quantum3D.

The system will form part of The Dismounted Soldier Training which will allow soldiers, leaders and units to train in a virtual environment, helping improve the quality of instruction and combat preparedness, while simultaneously reducing training expenses.

Shah explained that the technology required for infantry simulation requires a level of precision, resolution and capability that you won’t get on a consumer gaming system as it integrates advanced inertial sensors – body motion, head motion and weapon motion which you won’t necessarily find in your consumer gaming environment.

Shah believes that the system could be adapted for civil first responders, such as law enforcement and fire-fighters who are in harm’s way.

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