UK law firms are at risk from cyber attacks

UK law firms must tackle cybercrime

Digital risk management and investigations consultancy Stroz Friedberg has cautioned UK law firms that their failure to tackle online security will leave clients vulnerable to hackers.

The information from individual firm's websites and the growth in social media networks aimed at professional users such as LinkedIn may be used by hackers to gather information before launching phishing attacks. These targeted attacks are used to obtain trade secrets, commercially sensitive information and intellectual property from law firms’ lawyers.

“The security and risk landscape is changing rapidly and it’s the very nature of law firms that makes them an active target,” explained Seth Berman, lawyer and security expert at Stroz Friedberg. “The sector is unusual in the way it deals with information, which sees personal details of individual partners, associates and lawyers readily available on firms’ websites.”

Berman added: “Corporates have a statutory duty to address such threats, by safeguarding all confidential and sensitive information. Law firms need to realise that they are being targeted and must tailor policies and training to address this threat.”

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