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Sports engineer working with Team GB Olympic athletes

Dr David James, a senior lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, has been working with 14 of Britain’s Olympic and Paralympic teams in the lead up to London 2012.

The Centre for Sports Engineering Research at the university, where Dr James works, is a UK Sport Innovation Partner, and one of three universities chosen to work with UK Sport, and through that relationship work with different teams competing in London 2012.

Working with sports including swimming, boxing and athletics, Dr James has been helping provide the technology that the performance analysts, coaches and athletes require.

“What we’ve found is in the last sort of four years, everyone’s been asking about information - ways that they can measure their training environment.”

Dr James said the work they’ve been doing is making the training environment “technology rich” and providing “high-tech training environments”.

Feedback from the athletes and coaches had been great, he said.

“Particularly if you take sports like boxing - boxing really think that they can attribute a significant move in their athletes rankings, really from being non-contenders for medals to contenders for medals, because of the sort of systems we’ve put in place.”

Further information:

To find out more about the work Dr James has been doing with the athletes and where he thinks sports engineering will be in the future, listen to E&T’s interview with Dr James, as part of the magazine’s latest podcast.

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