The Post Office is making a transition in its payment methods

Post Office to become biggest user of contactless technology

The Post Office is planning to roll out contactless payment terminals across its whole network of 11,500 branches, making it Europe’s biggest user of contactless technology.

Some 30,000 terminals will be installed and will be compatible with MasterCard PayPass and Visa PayWave contactless cards and near-field communication-enabled smartphones such as Samsung, Sony, HTC and iPhone. According to the Post Office, contactless payments will enable customers to securely pay for transactions of up to £20 by tapping their card or phone over a reader at point of sale.   

This transition is expected to increase customer awareness and usage and, through the Post Office network, put this technology within three miles of 99 per cent of the UK population.

“Contactless will bring huge benefits to our customers by increasing choice and reducing transaction times,” said Lesley Sewell, chief information officer at Post Office Ltd. “Over the next few years, many Post Office branches will be transformed, opening for longer, and providing services in a convenient manner.”

The roll out begins on 6 June at 200 branches around various London Olympics venues, and is expected to be completed by October 2012.  

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