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Higher Apprenticeships in aviation and engineering announced

Higher Apprenticeships in aviation, low carbon engineering and space engineering have been announced by the UK Government.

The Department of Business, Innovation and Skills said the second round of the £25 million Higher Apprenticeship fund would support the development of 4,230 new Higher Apprenticeships, which included training people to commercial airline pilots, lawyers, accountants and engineers.

Business Secretary Vince Cable said: “Through the Higher Apprenticeship Fund we can target sectors where skills shortages are threatening to choke off growth.

“They also help us break down the doors of professions that are not representative of the society in which we live. It cannot be right for example that only 4 per cent of registered commercial airline pilots are women.

“Higher Apprenticeships are an essential step in rebalancing our economy and building a fairer country where growth is spread evenly and opportunities are not limited to the privileged.”

CBI director for employment and skills Neil Carberry said: “Businesses know that building our higher-level skills base has to be an essential part of a successful plan for growth in the long-term.

“Future skills shortages in key sectors could hold back our economic performance, so boosting higher level apprenticeships now is the right thing to do. Sectors like high-technology and science-based advanced manufacturing and IT are a good place to start.

“Young people need to know that Higher Apprenticeships are a great route to a successful career, as they can build higher level skills while learning on-the-job with an employer.”

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