Transport Minister Norman Baker (credit Department for Transport)

Green transport schemes given �266m boost

Transport schemes boosting green growth have received a £266 million cash injection from the government.

Local authorities will provide a further £194 million, bringing the total value of the schemes to £460 million.

Comprising 12 major schemes and 15 smaller ones, the projects have been paid for from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

Each project will aim to deliver carbon savings and economic growth, as well as investing in local transport infrastructure, the Department for Transport said.

"The schemes we are funding will improve life for millions of people in towns and cities up and down the country and show that cutting carbon and boosting economic growth go hand-in-hand," said transport minister Norman Baker.

"Investing in these schemes shows that we are serious about funding infrastructure where there is a clear business case for doing so."

The schemes to be funded include a London-style cycle hire scheme in Reading and a new state-of-the-art pedestrian and cycle bridge crossing the River Thames.

In Merseyside, a project providing better public transport and cycle infrastructure will be funded.

In Nottingham, a smartcard scheme will be expanded to cover all of the city's buses, trams and trains.

"The money we are putting into these projects will unlock much greater economic benefits for communities as well as improving the environment - it's a win-win," Baker added.

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