Aiptek Mobile Cinema i5OS for iPhone 4 and 4S

Aiptek unveils pico projectors for iPhone iPad and Android

Aiptek will release pico projectors for Apple iOS and Android devices, along with an all-purpose PocketCinema projector over the coming months.

Aiptek’s new pico projectors with DLP technology include Mobile Cinema i5OS for iPhone 4/4S; Mobile Cinema i5OD for iPad, iPhone and iPod; Mobile Cinema A50P for Android phone/pad and notebook PC; and PocketCinema V100.

The projectors for Android devices, iPhone 4/4S, and the other iOS devices have a brightness of 35 lumens, 640x480 (VGA) pixel resolution, and can project to a 60 inch screen.

The i5OS and i5OD have a built-in rechargeable battery which can project for two hours with one charge, and can also be used to charge the iPhone – with a full battery, the projector can charge 80 per cent of the iPhone battery.

Aiptek has developed a free app called ‘Aiptek Viewer’ for the Apple products for projecting internet pages, as Safari does not support TV-Out and projection function. The viewer also allows users to do a ‘live’ projection using the iPhone camera.

Unlike the iPad or iPhone, no app is needed for the Android projector.

All the projectors can be used to play games, watch movies, show web pages and pictures.

The i5OS will be available in July, and the i5OD and A50P will be available in September. All will retail for £219, but Aiptek said it expects the price will go down to £199 for the Christmas sales.

The all-purpose V100 has WVGA resolution of 854x480 pixels, provides rich colours and deep contrast with brightness up to 100 lumens, and an image diagonal up to 300cm. The V100 has a range of connection options, including HDMI, AV, SD card, and a headset option. It is available in July and will retail for £299.

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