New search engine for the older internet users

New search engine for silver surfers

The over-50s support website has developed a new search engine,, which is designed with 50+ surfers in mind and tailored to search preferences suited more towards the mature audience.

Market research company Nielsen suggests that more than 12 million people over 50 use the Internet regularly to carry out everyday tasks such as shopping or booking holidays. Niche 50+ websites, including Saga, women’s clothing retailers and cruise lines, cater to target the older user; Ask Mabel correlates this data and makes it available on the site, making it easier for the user to search and access.

The search engine finds results related to specific categories such as health, finance, retirement, mobility or homecare, or users can opt for a Google-powered search. Mabels claims the idea of demographic profiling is an easier route in displaying fine-tuned results which closely match topics and ages relevant to the user.

“Over 50s are rapidly becoming prolific Internet users, with traditional desktop and mobile phone access on the increase. It’s very important that information about issues affecting the older generation are easily and broadly accessible,” said founder of Mabels Jon Wickham. “By filtering the users search results to the topic of search as well as the age group is the first step to a much improved Internet browsing experience."

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