Criteo engineers (credit Criteo)

Criteo launches competition to find Europe's top engineers

Criteo has launched its "Code of Duty" competition which aims to recruit top engineers for its Research and Development team.

The coding competition, in its second year, aims to attract engineers to the company by putting them through a series of complex algorithmic tests.

Performance display advertising company Criteo is seeking around 100 engineers to strengthen its Research and Development team based at CriteoLabs’ Paris office.

This European R&D hub has already attracted researchers from all over the world, and aims to boost the performance of the predictive algorithms that Criteo applies to digital advertising.

“We’re proud of the success of last year’s ‘Code of Duty’ competition and are pleased to repeat this innovative contest, as it enables us to attract the best talent,” said Franck Le Ouay, co-founder of Criteo.

“Although our headquarters are in Palo Alto, we’ve chosen Paris as our research centre because France is a very attractive location in terms of innovation.”

The coding competition invites participants to solve a complex algorithmic problem using any of the following computer programmes: Java, C++, C#, C, Javascript, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, VB.NET, Objective-C or Lua.

The competition, which opens for entry at midday today, is open to applicants across the European Union and the top 10 finalists will share 20,000 euros in prize money.

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Find out more about the Code of Duty competition

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