2nd-Generation AMD A-Series APU

AMD unveils Trinity processors for laptops

AMD has launched its 'Trinity' processor family, the 2nd-Generation AMD A-Series Accelerated Processing Units (APUs).

The 2nd-Generation A-Series APU has been designed for notebooks, desktops, PCs and embedded designs and AMD says the new product doubles the performance per watt of the previous processor.

Other features include:

- the AMD HD Media Accelerator with improved video quality and accelerated video file conversion

- an increase in CPU performance of up to 29 per cent with higher processor speeds due to the next-generation AMD “Piledriver” CPU core with 3rd-Generation AMD Turbo Core technology, which boosts CPU frequencies up to 3.2GHz

- AMD Radeon™ HD 7000 Series graphics for an increase of graphics performance up to 56 per cent over the previous generation.
AMD says the CPU and GPU cores deliver more than 700 gigaflops of computing performance5 – several times more than the fastest x86 CPUs – to boost performance of hundreds of applications

- up to 12 hours of battery life through CPU and GPU power enhancements

“The latest OEM notebooks, ultrathins, All-in-Ones and desktops based on the new AMD A-Series APU enable the best video and gaming experiences, highly responsive performance with AMD Turbo CORE, and accelerate an ever-increasing range of productivity and multimedia applications - in sleek, stylish designs at price points that make sense,” said Chris Cloran, corporate vice president and General Manager, AMD Client Business Unit.

“Our 2nd-Generation AMD A-Series APU is a major step forward in every performance and power dimension, allowing users to enjoy a stunning experience without having to give up the things that matter to them most.

“This experience doesn’t stop at mainstream notebooks. It carries over into affordable ultrathin form factors featuring the latest in AMD Radeon™ graphics.”

AMD says that more than 100 applications and games are accelearated by its APUs, including Adobe Photoshop CS6, WinZip 16.5 and VLC Media Player.

“We are excited for the introduction of the 2nd-Generation AMD A-Series APU and are confident it will continue the great work Microsoft and AMD have done together on the A-Series APU,” said Aidan Marcuss, senior director, Windows Business Planning, Microsoft.

“We look forward to seeing the A-Series APU in action with Windows 8 to deliver a great user experience across a variety of hardware.”

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