Mobi promotes green travel in DTV's prize-winning game

Smarter traffic solutions scoop awards

Drivers who choose to park illegally may soon face a serious technological opponent.

The SCANaCAR ScanScooter system, invented by the Netherlands-based company Abstract Computing International, will use scooters to enforce parking regulations.

The scan scooter, equipped with four cameras (two on each side), scans the number plates of up to 1200 cars per hour – regardless of how higgledy-piggledy they may be parked – and immediately transmits the data to the parking staff.

This simple, yet ingenious, solution has won an innovation award in the Parking category at the recent Intertraffic trade show in Amsterdam.

Interviewed by E&T, Dr Allard Bloom of Abstract Computing International said that the company’s technology makes it possible to acquire automatic number plate recognition data very rapidly.

“We use a PDA as a user interface: you have to log on through a central database and then you have a match between the officer, the PDA and the scooter.”

He added that the four-camera scooter was already successfully working in Amsterdam and in the Southwark area of London, and was about to be used in France.

The winner in the ITS/Traffic Management category, Peek Traffic/Imech, was also recognised as the overall winner of the Intertraffic Innovation Award for ImFlow, a tool for configuring urban traffic control systems to reflect a city’s current traffic management policies.

ImFlow’s distinctive feature is its real-time adaptive algorithm that automatically translates policy into optimal traffic flow.

Within a scenario each policy is assigned a level of importance allowing the user to balance the importance of the traffic flows, priority vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists within the network.

Koos van Viet, product manager at Peek Traffic, said the product is a next-generation UTC system.

“With ImFlow, we have closed the gap between the decisions of city policy makers and what is happening on the street,” he told E&T.

While the other award winners were aimed at transport professionals, DTV Consultants picked up the Smart Mobility prize with a competitive game that encourages commuters to change their normal routines and travel to work “more smartly”.

Willem Buijis, the company’s managing director, explained that Van5Naar4 (From5to4) is a mobility game “in which teams from within a company play against each other. They can win points and go from one level to another, if they don’t travel by car to work… It can be played during working hours and on business trips too…”

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