The new equipment could save vital seconds

Helmet display helps pilots in Afghanistan

Royal Air Force pilots in Afghanistan are using a high-tech helmet system to help them identify friendly forces.

The equipment projects data in front of the pilot’s eye for instant assessment, which can save vital seconds during military operations.

BAE Systems received a request to develop the Helmet Mounted Cueing System (HMCS) for the RAF’s Tornado GR4 fleet in April 2011 under the MOD’s Urgent Operational Requirement programme.

Within months, engineers and technicians had integrated the system onto the aircraft and it was operational in less than a year.

Wing Commander Kurt Hill, FAST Tornado Capability Manager said: “The Tornado HMCS capability has greatly enhanced the crews’ situational awareness and resource management, enabling the rapid identification of points of interest in the homogeneous Afghan environment”.

BAE Systems is continuing to work with the RAF to provide the capability across the wider Tornado fleet.

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