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Ofcom proposals to allow 4G mobile services this year

Ofcom proposes 4G mobile services for 2012

Ofcom is proposing to allow 4G mobile services in the UK this year.

The proposals published today come after Everything Everywhere submitted an application to Ofcom to use its existing spectrum to deliver 4G services. The company, which owns T-Mobile and Orange, plans to vary the use of its 1800 MHz spectrum licenses to allow the use of LTE and WiMAC technologies.

Ofcom said it had considered whether this would distort competition and had provisionally concluded it would not. “Given the benefits this would bring to consumers, Ofcom is minded to allow this change of use,” the regulator said.

It has given interested parties four weeks to submit views on the proposed change.

UK Broadband also plans to launch a 4G network this year, initially covering the Southbank and Borough areas of Southwark, using its 3.5GHz spectrum it plans to offer commercial 4G services from May 2012 on a wholesale basis. While other companies are carrying out 4G trials - including O2 which is doing a trial in London, and BT and Everything and Everywhere which are testing 4G broadband speeds in Cornwall.

Further information:

Read Ofcom’s notice of its intention to vary Everything Everywhere’s 1800 MHz spectrum licenses.

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