IT professionals face job uncertainty

Business recovery at risk from IT professionals

According to computing and communications company Star, 22 per cent of IT professionals think their current position will be gone within one year. The survey reveals uncertainty about job security could prompt IT professionals to change their career path putting business continuity at risk and leaving companies without technical assistance.

Star claims using cloud-managed services can help companies to predict costs, plan resources and ensure consistency of service for the next three to five year. This would enable IT departments to evolve from day-to-day focus to a long-term view of securing the careers of IT professionals.

However, the survey shows IT professionals are acquiring the management skills needed for the cloud-computing era as 77 per cent of IT professionals have graduated in technology rather than business or management-based degrees. The results indicated 23 per cent consider strategy and 19 per cent consider analysis to be important management skills for IT professionals, though more are still interested in improving technical capabilities.

“Current levels of IT job insecurity are helping no-one. IT professionals are moving from job to job, thanklessly trying to maintain legacy systems inherited from their predecessors – systems that are quickly becoming obsolete,” said CEO of Star, Paul Watson. “They know they are adding little in the way of business value and are often not privy to plans regarding the future. The situation is morale sapping and the resulting churns puts both business continuity and business recovery at risk.”

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