'Finishing Touches' by Mark Tomlinson

British manufacturing in photos

Professional and amatuer photographers help to put pride back into British manufacturing.

It provides more than one-fifth of the world's GDP, yet it is often perceived as an irrelevance in the UK. In an attempt to raise the profile of manufacturing, the Engineering Employers Federation (EEF) has organised a photography competition, 'Heroes of Modern UK Manufacturing'. These 12 entries, shortlisted from 440 submitted photographs, demonstrate the boldness and beauty of modern industry.

Photographers were challenged to capture the heroic people, products, places or processes that make UK manufacturing great.

1 'Finishing Touches' Mark Tomlinson, operations director, Sheffield Forgemasters – shortlisted entry (amateur photographer): This is an image taken during the fabrication of a massive forming die. The die is used to form part of the steam generator for a nuclear reactor. The completion of the forming tool still relies on the knowledge and skill of manufacturers for risk-free operation.

2 'Fan Appeal' Aiden Shaw – shortlisted entry (young photographer): A man hard at work producing a part of a fan – the fans, as well as the pieces that went into them, were very big.

3 'Deep Concentration' Adam Shipley – runner-up (amateur photographer): Adam's beautiful and moody entry features an engineer deep in concentration, analysing his work on a piece of machinery at Westley Richards Rifles in Birmingham.

4 'The Eye of the Forge' Mark Tomlinson, operations director, Sheffield Forgemasters – national winner (best photograph by amateur photographer): This hero is '5 Press' at Sheffield Forgemasters. This colossal 10,000-tonne open-die forge has been operating for over 40 years and is still capable of producing some of the largest and most technically demanding forgings in the world today. This image shows a 170-tonne plate mill roll being forged at around 1,200'C.

5 'Jet Trainer', Ray Troll, photographer for BAE Systems – shortlisted entry (professional photographer): The BAE Systems Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer – ready to revolutionise'training for the RAF's Top Gun pilots.

6 'Paper Trail', Michael Kay – shortlisted entry (young photographer): Taken at Eco-lec, Wolverhampton, where flat panel heaters are produced. Within this picture one of the employees, Len, was filling out paper work using the natural lighting from the window.

7 'God of Thunder' Ray Troll, photographer for BAE Systems – runner-up (professional photographer): Taranis being unveiled to the world. This rare photograph shows what could be a glimpse of future UK airpower. Taranis is named after the Celtic God of thunder. It is a UK Ministry of Defence-commissioned demonstrator designed to prove the ability of a low observable unmanned combat aircraft system to deliver both long-range reconnaissance and to provide a deep-strike capability in a hostile environment. It was unveiled against the most stringent security conditions at a special event held at BAE Systems Warton facility in Lancashire.

8 'Tidal Turbine Base' Mike Brookes Roper – national winner (best photograph by professional photographer): Mike, of Skerray, near Thurso, Scotland, captured the beauty of Scotland's booming renewable energy industry. His'winning image shows the base of a 150kW Tidal Turbine now in operation in the Moray Firth. It depicts the final touches being applied to the base of the massive tidal turbine in the factory at Inverness.

9 'Molten men' Shane Butler – shortlisted entry (young photographer): This is a highly skilled employee who shows us his way of making his living, working with extremely hot molten at Chamberlin & Hill foundry.

10 'Shining Light' David Chang – shortlisted entry (professional photographer): A steelworker is shown polishing the inner surface of a cast casing at Sheffield Forgemasters Steelworks.

11 'The Thinker' John Hunting, Carl Zeiss Nano Technology Systems – shortlisted entry (amateur photographer): The picture was taken at Carl Zeiss Nano Technology Systems, Cambridge, of a Scanning Electron Microscope in the customer demonstration suit. Our specimen stage expert was checking the settings in preparation for a customer.

12 'Colour Coded' Adam Cox, aged 17 – national winner (best photograph by a young person (14-19)): The theme of this image is LED safety in your hands. It features a new signal that is manufactured from 73 per cent reclaimed material at AGD Systems in Cheltenham. *

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