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Prizewinners announced in Taipei Cycle d&i awards

Seventy-four products have been selected as prizewinners in this year’s Taipei Cycle d&i awards.

Seventy-four products were selected out of a total of 207 entries as prizewinners for this year’s awards. The winning products will be on display during the Taipei Cycle show from the 7 to 10 March. Five of the products will take home the Gold Award, which will be announced at an awards ceremony during the show on March 7.

Some of the awards selected include a pedal which has been designed on the concept of a bear’s paw – integrated with an ergonomic pattern to enhance the comfort for riders. An automatic shifting hub, which changes gears when riders reach a certain speed and shifts back when riders slow down, was also one of the winning products.

The awards aim to give the bicycle industry a new platform to demonstrate the enormous innovation and outstanding design power of the industry to a broader audience.

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