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LG unveils 55-inch ultra-thin OLED TV

LG Electronics has revealed it will sell a 55-inch, 4mm thick television set based on organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs).

South Korean company LG will unveil the TV set at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week.

Rival Samsung Electronics is also believed to be set to reveal a nearly market-ready OLED TV at the show.

Tim Alessi, director of home electronics development at LG's US arm, said its set will probably go on sale in the fourth quarter.

The company is not revealing the price.

Paul Gagnon, an analyst at DisplaySearch, estimates that OLED sets will start out above $5,000 (£3,220).

The screen technology is in use in high-end smartphones and provides deeply saturated colours and high contrast.

However, it has been very difficult to make larger screens with consistent results.

In late 2007, Sony started selling an 11in OLED TV for about $2,500 (£1,610) but it never followed it up with a bigger model.

Since then, LG and Korean Samsung have shown prototype OLED TVs at the annual CES show, but have not revealed any marketing plans.

Apart from providing improved picture quality, OLED TVs can be very thin.

LG's set will be 4 millimetres thick and weigh 7.5 kilograms.

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