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Apple and HTC sued by Kodak over digital image patents

Apple and HTC are being sued by Kodak which accuses them of infringing on patents related to digital camera images.

Kodak says that Apple, whose market value is more than 2,400 times greater, has infringed four patents, and that HTC has infringed the same four patents as well as a fifth.

It said it filed a related complaint against both companies with the U.S. International Trade Commission.

Apple did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

An HTC spokeswoman said it is premature to comment until that company can review Kodak's complaints.

Kodak is trying to preserve value as the money-losing company, which had been left behind by rivals that embraced digital camera technology faster, tries to raise cash by selling a large patent portfolio.

It also has patent litigation against Research in Motion, which makes the BlackBerry.

The Wall Street Journal has said Kodak may file for bankruptcy, a prospect the company has declined to discuss.

Kodak on Tuesday unveiled a revamped business structure, and its shares, which trade below $1, rose 50 per cent.

In its lawsuits, Kodak said it obtained its patents after concluding it would be desirable for people to easily share pictures from their digital cameras without first transferring them to personal computers.

It said Apple and HTC are infringing the patents by selling and importing mobile camera phones, tablets and other devices, among them Apple's iPad 2, the iPod touch and various iPhones.

Kodak wants to stop Apple and HTC from selling these products, and seeks compensatory and triple damages.

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