Engineers interrogate the eCall system

UK test centre shows eCall capability

InnovITS Advance engineers simulated collisions between an eCall-equipped car and a dummy car.

ECall is being introduced in the EU to cut emergency services response time. If an eCall-equipped car is involved in an accident in which airbags are deployed, the car automatically calls the nearest emergency centre, transmitting a minimum data set that includes the exact location of the crash site and identification of the vehicle, as well opening a voice channel.

With its independent and fully controllable private GSM network and Skyclone GNSS denial capabilities, InnovITS Advance believes it can provide an environment where automakers and their Tier 1 suppliers can test eCall systems under all conditions of signal quality and attenuation.

For this first demonstration, organised with partners Denso, Cinterion, TRL, MIRA and PMN, the site’s GSM network was connected to an external eCall Public Service Access Point.

InnovITS CEO Phil Pettitt says the centre will now work to establish a permanent eCall test and certification service.

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