Google-Motorola deal delayed by EU

Google's bid to take over Motorola Mobility has been delayed after EU regulators suspended a January 10 deadline for a decision.

The European Commission said it had halted the approval process as it wants Google to provide more information on the deal.

"The deadline is suspended because the European Commission needs from Google certain documents that are essential to its evaluation of the transaction," said Amelia Torres, spokeswoman for the Commission's competition unit.

"Once the Commission has all the necessary information, it will re-start the clock and publish a new Phase I deadline on the website."

Google, which announced the $12.5 billion deal with U.S. handset maker Motorola Mobility in August, is looking to boost its patent portfolio and compete better with rivals such as Apple

The Commission has asked rivals and users for feedback on the deal.

According to questionnaires sent earlier this month, the regulator asked whether Google would favour Motorola Mobility over other hardware manufacturers that license Google's software.

U.S. antitrust regulators are also reviewing the deal.

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