UK Prime Minister David Cameron at Toyota's plant in Burnaston.

Toyota to build new hatchback in UK

Toyota is to build its new-generation, family-sized hatchback at its UK factory, creating 1,500 jobs.

Toyota’s announcement to build the new models in Burnaston, near Derby, will mean a £100 million investment and the creation of up to 1,500 jobs over the next two years. Around 500 of those will be recruited next year.

The UK plant will be the sole European production site for the new hatchback - a C-segment vehicle, which means it is a small family car in the sector between the supermini and the large family car.

British Prime Minister David Cameron toured the factory today and addressed the workers, saying the decision by Toyota was a massive vote of confidence for their skills, talent and commitment to hard work and high quality production. And he said it was a great vote of confidence for the workforce, for Derbyshire and for Britain.

During his visit, Cameron said despite the country facing difficulties in its economy the UK car manufacturing industry was seeing a "renaissance".

"The British car industry is doing well and that's because of the quality of our workforce, the quality of our skills and the fact that Britain is a pro-manufacturing country that wants to succeed in this industry."

Cameron said: "In recent years our economy has been too unbalanced, there has been too much emphasis on finance, on housing, on debt, on immigration rather than actually making things, building an economy where we are manufacturing, building up our skills, adding real value and selling to the world."

He said it was no easy task after an "easy boom based on debt and finance and all too focused on the south east of England", but he added it was vital to "rebalance and reskill" the economy so that the UK could sell to the increasing number of countries that were experiencing rapid growth.

Didier Leroy, Toyota Motor Europe president and chief executive said: "Toyota has a long and successful record of building vehicles and engines in the UK and our facilities here are among the finest in the world in terms of efficiency and environmental performance.

"The investment we are making will secure a dynamic future for TMUK as a leading maker of superior quality vehicles and contributes to Toyota's sustainable growth in Europe.

"We are not only making a significant investment in our own operations and workforce here, but also sustaining our supplier network in the UK. We know that together we can build vehicles that deliver the highest standards of quality, reliability and environmental efficiency."

Currently 550 cars a day are made at the plant, with 137,000 rolling off the production line last year.

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