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Mobile internet on road and rail must improve eBay says

Improving mobile internet coverage on roads and railways will boost the growing mobile-powered economy, eBay says.

Online retailer eBay has submitted a Mobile Manifesto to government ministers which warns that consumers frustrated with mobile internet speeds holds back many people back from spending.

"The mobile economy is proving resilient as people increasingly see owning and using a mobile phone as an essential expense, despite cutting back in other areas," said Miriam Lahage of eBay.

"As smartphone and tablet ownership increases there will be even greater potential rewards for companies investing in mobile, and this is particularly true for retailers."

A survey of 2,000 consumers showed that almost half were dissatisfied with the speed at which they can download data on their mobile phone.

The company called for urgent action to enable the next generation of broadband to be rolled out in 2013, adding that priority should be given to improving mobile internet coverage on road and rail routes.

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