Battery specialist designs professional range for OEMs

A company that designs specialised batteries for custom applications is launching an off-the-shelf range to fill a perceived gap in the market.

Accutronics has developed the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in response to OEM demand for a readily-available long-life battery that can be incorporated into medical and industrial devices and portable electronic terminals.

Initially available in two capacities, the credit-card sized batteries feature accurate impedance tracking fuel gauges and an active electronic protection system that makes them resistant to over-charging, over-discharging and short-circuiting. They can be supplied with customised labelling and packaging.

“The demand for this kind of product might seem surprising, given the abundant availability of lithium-ion batteries in consumer electronic devices,” explained Neil Oliver, technical marketing manager at Accutronics. “However, consumer-market batteries do not satisfy the requirements of OEMs in the quality-driven medical sector and other professional markets.”

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