Odin Supreme Reference Power Cord

�20k audio power cable introduced

An audio power cable costing over £20,000 has been described as "the most advanced cable technology ever developed".

The Nordost Odin Supreme Reference Power Cord is the successor to Nordost's previous best-selling power cable the Valhalla, which cost just under £4,000 for a 5m long cable.

However the Odin, the result of over five years of research and development  into wideband signal transmission, makes the Valhalla look a positive bargain with its price tag of £20,495 per 5m.

The cables use proprietary Nordost technologies, including its patented Dual Mono-Filament technology, used in both the Odin interconnect and loudspeaker cables, and its latest TSC (Total Signal Control technology) to significantly advance the audio performance AC wiring.

Six close tolerance 16AWG, 99.99999% oxygen free copper conductors, each covered by an 85 micron layer of extruded silver, are suspended in a dual micro mono-filament matrix and enclosed in the TSC shield.

This gives a new level of power transmission efficiency coupled to superb mechanical damping and rejection of external RFI/EM interference.

The separate, solid-core conductors eliminate strand interaction, hot spots and other artifacts that can degrade performance, while the extreme precision with which the TSC tubes are manufactured and arranged ensures complete consistency in performance.

Nordost says the Odin cable improves noise floor and resolution, increases transparency, dynamic range and freedom from grain, gives more believable sound staging, more natural life and musical dynamics, and a large range of tonal colours.

Other top-of-the-range audio cables include the JPS Labs Aluminata Series, which costs £2,396 for a 1m pair. 

JPS says this cable boasts the "world's first" Particle Aluminium Shield, an ultra-pure aluminium alloy shield that is so thick that noise at any frequency or severity cannot pass through it.

Transparent Audio's Power Cord Series includes the Opus MM and MM2 lines, their most expensive cables at $30,000, and the cables focus on using an RLC network to dampen mechanical resonance and therefore reduce resonance in the audible range.

Siltech's Emperor Crown, part of Siltech's Signature series, uses silver and gold metallurgy to lower audio distortion, and is arguably the most expensive cable on the market costing $39,000 for a 2m pair.

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