The Knovel University Challenge sets real world engineering problems.

UK engineering students take part in Knovel University Challenge

The number of UK engineering student entries in this year’s Knovel University Challenge is more than double 2010 figures.

The Knovel University Challenge sets real world engineering problems. Each year, the challenge presents a series of questions on engineering-related topics, and students can use Knovel – a web-based application integrating technical information with analytical and search tools - to research and find the answers. Eligible entries are based upon correctly answering a minimum of three questions out of twelve.

Knovel says enrolment in the challenge is on track to surpass the record-breaking 2010 numbers, which saw more than 10,000 entries. Entries are already more than double the 2010 total from engineering students in the UK and Ireland, Knovel said.

The challenge has now become a required part of the induction programme for engineering students at University College London, University of Alberta and the University of Arkansas.

UCL subject librarian Lynne Meehan said: “The challenge may not be directly related to each student’s engineering discipline, but it is great for demonstrating and making use of all the powerful data and analysis tools available in Knovel.”

In addition to 300 leading universities using Knovel, it is widely used in industry by 400 major engineering employers, such as BP and Bechtel, so the challenge introduces students to a resource relevant to their future careers.   

New for this year, students could select which level of difficulty to play, and they had the option of playing at more than one level.  In addition to the website, the challenge was also available via a facebook application to encourage students to compete and share results with friends. 

The deadline for entries is midnight on December 1. Eligible entries get a chance to win an iPad, iPod Nanos, cash and other prizes.

Further information:

Find out the full rules and how to enter at the Knovel University Challenge.

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