Tata Steel's Scunthorpe Works

Tata Steel investing �2 million in Hartlepool tube works

Tata Steel is investing £2 million in one of its UK plants following growing demand for its products from renewable energy firms.

Tata said the investment in its Hartlepool tube works will establish a central supply base for steel tubular sections to be used in the fabrication of wind turbine structures, known as jacket foundations.

Ramsay Ross of Tata Steel said: "This investment reinforces Tata Steel's commitment to establishing a significant presence as a supplier to the renewables sector as the drive to transform the energy supply scene in the EU gathers pace.

"The wind tower hub in Scunthorpe, which was launched last year to process and distribute steel plate for fabricators, was a key step in this strategy.

"This separate development, in which we will be modifying buildings and investing in new assets at Hartlepool, is the next stage."

Tata also announced a supply agreement with German steel tube producer Eisenbau Kramer.

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