Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, who died 5 October 2011

Steve Jobs biography set to be Amazon's 2011 top seller

A biography of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs may be’s top-selling book of 2011, a spokeswoman at the internet retailer says.

The biography "Steve Jobs," by Walter Isaacson, hit bookstores on Monday but was released earlier than expected on Apple's iBooks online store and Amazon's Kindle late Sunday. The book is the best-selling book on and is also listed as the top-selling electronic book on the company's Kindle ebook store.

"The way things are trending, it could very likely be our top-selling book of the year," Amazon spokeswoman Brittany Turner said in a statement. Turner did not say whether ebook versions of the biography are out-selling physical versions.

However, James McQuivey, an analyst at Forrester Research, said that on average 50 per cent of best seller books are digital and in some cases that can go as high as 70 per cent.

"It's very likely for the next six months this book will outperform the physical version," he said.

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