The iRigMIDI device (right) and the SampleTank interface, as seen on an iPod touch (left)

MIDI control comes to the iPod with the release of iRig MIDI

Music technology surrounding Apple’s iPod, iPhone and iPad continues to flourish, with the announcement by IK Multimedia of the iRig MIDI hardware interface and SampleTank sound module app.

The iRig MIDI interface connects any MIDI compatible device to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This opens up the possibility of connecting any standard MIDI equipment such as keyboards, drum machines, drum pads, pedal boards and more to an iOS device to control suitable apps. IK’s own SampleTank Free is included with the device, but other music software – such as Apple’s own GarageBand app – can be similarly controlled.

iRig MIDI is the first compact iOS MIDI interface sporting 3 MIDI ports - IN, OUT and THRU - so multiple MIDI devices can be connected without the need of additional equipment. Two LEDs display the MIDI activity on the IN and OUT ports.

iRig MIDI is powered directly from the mobile device, but also provides a micro USB port. The appropriate cable is included that connects to any standard USB power supply source, so that the iOS device can stay fully powered during long playing sessions.

Guitar and bass players can also use iRig MIDI with multi-effects apps (such as IK’s own AmpliTube) to connect MIDI pedal boards for preset switching or effects control. Singers can also use the device to control their favourite vocal effects apps. DJs can use the unit with drum pads and other types of MIDI devices to integrate iOS apps into their live shows.

There are currently over a hundred apps that use the Apple Core MIDI standard on iOS, which are compatible with iRig MIDI.

iRig MIDI is now shipping from select IK Multimedia music and electronic retailers worldwide, as well as on the IK online store, for €54.99.

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