Hydrocarry II backpack unit

High-tech containers purify water at point of use

Visitors to DSEi were offered clear, clean-tasting water out of a bottle filled with water from the River Thames.

British company Lifesaver Systems specialises in getting clean water to inaccessible places, such as disaster areas and scenes of military operations, purifying whatever water is available as and when it is needed, and without chemicals. The latest addition to the company’s range, the Hydrocarry II backpack unit, stems from two years of research and development with militaries around the world.

Wary DSEi drinkers were reassured that Thames-borne bacteria and viruses are too large to get through the 15-micron filter, while activated carbon reduced chemical residues.

The company has supplied jerrycans using a similar filtration system to the British Army to provide drinking water and ad hoc shower facilities. The Hydrocarry II integrates within the standard issue military daysack, taking only 6 per cent of its volume, with a storage capacity of 3 litres. Filled through a long hose using an integrated pump, it lets the user draw, filter and drink water from any source without removing the backpack.

The pump can also be used to pressurise the system, making drinking easier, while the mouthpiece also incorporates a quick-turn spray valve. This provides a cooling mist of sterile water that can be directed to cool the user.

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