A programme on the history of electricity starts on BBC Four tonight

BBC programme on the history of electricity starts tonight

A BBC series on the story of electricity, which features the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) archives, begins tonight.

‘Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity,’ is presented by Professor Jim Al-Khalili and tells the story of the quest to master electricity, the BBC Four website says.

The BBC used a number of resources from the IET Library and Archives at Savoy Place in London for the series and also used the IET Library’s Reading Room for filming. The IET Library and Archives team said they provided images of individuals, including Albert Einstein, as well as providing a copy of a film of Oliver Lodge, and a copy of a ‘flicker-book’ film from the library’s mutascope device featuring Sir William Crookes.

The first episode in the three-part series starts tonight on BBC Four at 9pm. The majority of the IET archive material is expected to feature in the second and third programmes.

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