Avast is bringing out a new antivirus product for mobile

Avast to launch mobile and new Mac antivirus products

Antivirus software company Avast will release a new antivirus product for smartphone users by the end of the year.

Ondrej Vlcek, the company’s chief technology officer, said mobile malware was on the rise and the number of smartphones was rapidly growing. The new product – Avast Mobile Security – would initially be only for Android and would come in two versions, free and paid. It would be released by the end of the year, he said.

Avast will also be launching a new version of its product for Mac by the end of the year, Vlcek said.

Avast has had a paid-only product for Mac for a couple of years, but the new product would be free and would contain more features, Vlcek said. It would include true real-time protection, including the company’s web shield, mail shield and file system shield.

“We are seeing more and more malware trying to exploit the vulnerabilities of Safari.” More people were using Mac products and therefore the attackers were spending more time and more resources on the platform, he said.

In February next year, the company will be releasing Avast 7, which would include a number of new features. Vlcek said part of the scanning infrastructure would be moved to the Cloud.

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See an animated video on how the Avast community helps in the detection of viruses.


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