Teenagers use latest technologies

Are businesses ready for the 'net native' generation?

Twenty-five per cent of UK and US teenagers aged 16-18 expect smartphones from their prospective employers - and 40 per cent expect laptops too.

According to a survey from market research agency Opinion Matters on behalf of Siemens Enterprise Communications, tech-savvy teens are the net native generation who expect future workplaces to mirror the latest tools and communication channels they use at home.

The research revealed UK teens are more likely to be persuaded to work overtime if they were working with the latest technology, and eighteen per cent of US teens believe they are required to work into the evening if given Blackberrys and Ipads.

Sixteen per cent of teenagers say using social media applications, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn creates networking opportunities and maintain relationships with clients. Though the recession has caused an impact on employment, companies are still recruiting graduates and are now using the latest technologies and social media as a method to attract future employees.

“With an estimated 320,000 having graduated this summer, businesses need to ensure that they have the right technology in place to attract the top talent,” says Siemens Enterprise Communications vice president of strategy and technology Adrian Brookes. “Today’s working environment is all about enabling individuals to select the most appropriate communication channel, be it over audio, video, social networking, or web collaboration.”

Brookes adds: “To retain and maximise the productivity of net natives, organisations need to align their communications and technology environments to allow effective collaboration and information flow.”

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