Websites are a popular careers information source for STEM teachers

Teachers rank websites as most popular source for STEM career information

Websites are the most popular media source for STEM career information, an EngineeringUK survey has found.

EngineeringUK’s survey of 228 STEM teachers across the UK found that teachers preferred to use websites to search for STEM careers information, and almost all recommended websites to pupils and parents.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology’s (IET) website was the most popular website used by teachers for career information on engineering, followed by search engines. The least popular was social networking sites.

The Times Educational Supplement was the magazine that was most regularly used by STEM teachers.

The survey also found that 91 per cent of teachers were aware of STEM enriching and enhancing activities, however 31 per cent said while they were aware of the activities, they were not involved in them. Nearly a quarter of all teachers who were aware and not involved would like to be.

National Science and Engineering Week, STEM Clubs, local and national museums, The Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair, and Smallpeice Residential Courses were the most popular STEM enriching and enhancing activities that schools undertook.

EngineeringUK said the survey was undertaken to find out where teachers and young people sought information about STEM careers and what sources teachers recommended to young people seeking information about STEM careers. The research would be used to inform how and where EngineeringUK provided STEM career resources to teachers going forward.

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