The IET is urging government not to cut investment in ITS

Engineers urge government not to cut investment in ITS

The government must not cut funding to intelligent transport system technology (ITS), the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has said.

Europe's biggest professional group of Engineers, the IET, made the statement as the Transport Select Committee published its report on reducing road traffic congestion.

The IET, which submitted information earlier in the year to the committee, said it agreed with the report's finding that local highways authorities need more help in rolling out ITS, which the Eddington Transport study said could save the government up to £7bn.

ITS investment was a key factor identified by the IET Transport Policy Panel’s 'Can we really do more for less cost with the UK road network?' report published earlier this year.

The report also recommended measures including a tougher driving test and better co-ordination between road management authorities offer affordable methods by which to curb road congestion.

“One of our concerns is that there are not enough trained professionals within some local authorities who have the necessary experience, understanding, and capacity to make informed decisions surrounding the adoption of ITS systems and services that could make significant savings and benefits for the area," said Professor Phil Blythe, chairman of the IET Transport Policy Panel.

"Moreover, lack of regional co-ordination causes local authorities to procure systems for their area, rather than considering larger cross-local authority procurements that could derive greater benefits.

"Roads do not end at local highway authority boundaries.”

Further information:

See the full report by the Transport Select committee.

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