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Council U-turn restores Edinburgh tram route

City of Edinburgh Councillors have reversed their shock decision to truncate the proposed tram route short of the city centre.

At a special meeting they agreed to build the line from the airport to St Andrew Square, having voted just a week ago to terminate the first phase at Haymarket.

The meeting involved further questions to senior council officers from elected members on the detailed progress made to implement the Haymarket decision and the merits of completing the tram route to St Andrew Square.

Several rounds of voting were held to eliminate the least-supported amendments. Eventually the motion to build the tram line to the city centre was carried by 28 votes to 15.

This decision now authorises the Council's chief executive, Sue Bruce, to negotiate the settlement agreement with contractors with the aim of delivering the tram route to the city.

Following the meeting, Bruce said: "As Council officers we have a duty to implement decisions made by elected members. Over the course of the last week it became clear that there were material issues which would make delivering the line to Haymarket as a first phase difficult and this was considered by elected members today.

"Today's decision enables us to report back to the contractor that we have confirmation of the Council's funding for the project and we can work towards a settlement agreement and a revised programme of works."

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