Brooklands College uses Sophos to defend its network from viruses and malware threats

Brooklands College tackles Conficker outbreak with Sophos

Brooklands College will be using IT security firm Sophos for its two-site network in Surrey and Kent against an increase in viruses and malware threats.

The College deployed Sophos Endpoint Security and Control to clear an outbreak of Conficker - the widespread use of USB devices used by students has meant the education environment has been affected by the three-year-old worm – and to help reduce IT overheads.

Conficker had infected 2,556 machines at the college, reports Brooklands senior support engineer Peter Dietsch.

“Conficker is really nasty,” says Dietsch. “It spreads quickly and easily, putting a strain on the network. The Sophos central console is good for getting an overview of where infections are coming from, which helps us shift towards prevention rather than a cure.”

In addition, Sophos Endpoint Security and Control will include application control, device control, data leakage prevention, and Network Access Control to manage network security policies and patches at Brooklands.

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