London 2012 Olympics

BBC plans Olympics 'beyond HD' demo

The BBC is planning to broadcast the London Olympics opening ceremony and 100m final in 3D and ‘Super Hi-Vision.’

The news came from the Edinburgh international television festival, where Roger Mosey, the BBC executive responsible for London 2012 coverage, told reporters that 3D coverage for the 100m final and other events was “certainly on the agenda, as part of a limited experiment”.

The BBC says Super Hi-Vision is an advanced broadcasting technology that is not expected to be in homes for a decade. The idea is to set up three 15m-high screens in London, Glasgow and Bradford, giving those who could not get tickets the chance to feel as if they are really there.

“Super Hi-Vision might be a better long-term prospect than 3D in some ways as it gives you the feel of being in the stadium. People are knocked out by it,” said Mosey.

Not all events will be broadcast in 3D, partly because it would mean interrupting HD programming. “It is fair to say there is a trade-off between 3D and HD,” added Mosey. “We don’t want to damage the mass audience that watches HD with [too much] 3D, which is viewed by a minority.”

3D broadcasting technology has already been tested on sports such as basketball and big stadium events and this year’s Wimbledon tennis finals.

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