Smartphone upsurge causing ructions for IT managers

Smartphones are overtaking laptops as the mobile device of choice for enterprise workforces, bringing another headache for IT departments to contend with. 

According to the UK ‘Enterprise Mobility Report’ from Good Technology, the consumerisation of IT trends are being driven by employees ‘refusing’ to carry two devices - one for work and another for personal use – when engaged on work duties. As a result, 65 per cent of IT managers are now being asked to supply work email and access to corporate intranets to employee-owned iOS and Android devices.

“We saw many devices launched to great fanfare, and out research shows the extent of which these new devices are entering the workplace,” says Andrew Jacques, VP and GM for EMEA, Good Technology. “They have ousted once-loved devices like the laptop and traditional mobile phones from the top spot.”

In 2010, 95 per cent of companies provided their employees with laptops, however the developments made in smartphones capabilities has led smartphones being handed out to nine out of ten employees.

“Such changes mean IT managers are under pressure to familiarise themselves with new devices,” Jacques adds, “constantly changing data plans, new platforms and apps, and the security issues associated with them.”

Security still remains a key issue for IT managers as enterprise mobility model shifts towards more consumer-driven phones and tablets, suggests the report. It also claims the number of organisations that have experienced a security breach as a result of the introduction of unauthorised devices have increased from 27 per cent in 2010 to 42 per cent in 2011.

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