Demonstrators protesting against the Chinese Dalian petrochemical plant

China paraxylene plant runs despite shutdown order

China's Dalian Fujia paraxylene plant in Liaoning province is continuing to operate despite a government shutdown order.

The 700,000-tonne-per-year paraxylene plant was ordered to close after a toxic spill scare but an industry source said it was still operating as normal.

"The plant is running normally ... there is no notice for operation changes," said the source, who is familiar with the plant's operations.

The Dalian Fujia Petrochemical plant, one of the country's leading importers of naphtha, is carrying on normal shipments of naphtha from regular suppliers such as Iran and Papua New Guinea, according to the source.

Thousands of people demonstrated in northeastern China over the weekend, demanding the relocation of the plant.

The plant imports 100,000-120,000 tonnes of heavy naphtha a month, according to trading sources.

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