Solar rooftop at Promens

UK's largest solar rooftop unveiled

The biggest rooftop solar plant in the UK with 7,000 solar panels has been unveiled.

The £4 million solar rooftop, the size of 2.5 football pitches, was installed at the Promens plastics plant near Beccles, Suffolk.

The solar panels have a capacity of 1.65MW and can produce enough energy to power 480 homes.

"This is really another step along the path of commitment to reduce our impact on the environment and this is the most significant step Promens Beccles has done in the last 12 months," said Adrian Banks, engineering manager at Promens.

Nearly all of the power produced will be used on-site, with any surplus feeding into the national grid.

The installation was developed by Lightsource and built by Grupotec, with fund manager Octopus bringing together hundreds of small investors across the UK who paid for the scheme.

"This roof-top solar plant highlights the important role solar generation has to play in our future energy mix, particularly when the energy it produces is used at source, removing the need for wasteful distribution networks," said Nicholas Boyle, chief executive of Lightsource.

It is the largest initiative of its kind to date and changes to government subsidies are expected to limit future developments on this scale.

“These are just the latest solar installations funded by Octopus to be connected to the National Grid," said Paul Latham, managing director of Octopus.

"The delivery of these solar farms and our other solar installation projects will only strengthen the demand for solar installations in the UK.”

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