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Food packaging insert reduces waste

A graduating Royal College of Art student has displayed a final project that could revolutionise the way we store food.

The innovation, which promises to extend the shelf life of fresh food by two days, and in some cases considerably more, works by packaging a disc-shaped insert with the food that naturally alters the atmosphere within the pack or container, keeping the food fresher for longer. The insert houses a micro-organism that can be grown on waste agricultural, industrial or food processing streams, thus using a by-product of waste to reduce waste.

Oliver Poyntz, inventor of the Freshplus insert and graduate of the RCA School of Industrial Design Engineering, exhibited his invention as part of the 2011 RCA graduate show in London alongside work that addressed issues surrounding sustainability, the environment, health and education.

Poyntz has a patent pending for the insert and range of associated food storage products, and hopes that his innovations will help to reduce the 25.3 million tonnes of food waste that the UK produces each year.

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