'Checking emails while on hols lessens return workload deluge'

A survey claims that the 73 per cent of City of London employees who check their work e-mails or phone messages regularly while on holiday could be causing increased incidences of enterprise data breaches.

Data storage specialist Origin Storage interviewed 1,000 employees on how often they kept in touch with their office and what devices were used while abroad.

Though the survey showed that the British are ‘work obsessed’, it also highlighted the lack of security on the devices they are using. Only 51 per cent of laptops are left unsecured and without a password for protection and only 26 percent of these laptops are encrypted, according to the survey.

Other results revealed, 54 per cent check their e-mails at least once a day, 41 per cent take their mobiles for work purposes, and 44 per cent feel being contactable gives them job security.

“Who is to blame? Is it the employee who can’t let go or the employer for making them feel that have to be accessible in the first place?” says Origin Storage MD Andy Cordial. “Our advice to the corporate world is if you expect to contact your staff while away then it is down to you to secure their devices.”

The survey cites examples of survey responses: ‘My director feels he can contact me at any time for the most insane of queries, “where is the contacts folder?”’, says one, Jane a PA. ‘I feel it is an invasion of my privacy’.

Meanwhile Mike, CEO says tellingly, ‘I absolutely expect to contact my staff when on holiday, I feel better knowing that things are ticking over nicely while I’m away so that I don’t come back to an unmanageable workload’.

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