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  1. 23 May Shell announces plans to anchor the world's biggest ship off Australia to supply gas to Asia. Royal Dutch Shell expects to start chilling gas into liquid form around 2017 aboard the Prelude floating LNG vessel. The project is expected to cost over $10bn.
  2. 24 May The Institution of Mechanical Engineers calls for more test flights to be launched in Iceland's Grimsvotn ash cloud. IMechE says it is only by measuring the amount of ash in the atmosphere and the way it accumulates in engines, that work could be done to prevent disruption to air travel due to volcanic ash in the future.
  3. 24 May A KPMG report says solar power in India could cost the same as conventional electricity by 2019-20. 'Grid parity' could happen as early as 2017-18, if more aggressive policy saw solar power prices decline at a rate of 5-7 per cent annually over the next decade, the report says.
  4. 27 May Eurotunnel plans to run an electricity link through the Channel Tunnel to bolster UK power supplies. The 500 MW ElecLink interconnector cable with France would help smooth out supply volatility relating to offshore wind power, meaning that energy generated from places where the wind was blowing could be shared around.
  5. 1 June The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) releases its preliminary report on Japan's Fukushima disaster, and praises the country's response to the crisis as 'exemplary'. However, it says the country under-estimated the threat of a tsunami on the plant and at several other facilities, and calls for experts worldwide to learn from the disaster to avert future accidents. A full report will be submitted at an IAEA conference in Vienna later this month.
  6. 1 June Endeavour returns to Earth after its final mission to the International Space Station. The shuttle and its six astronauts touches down on the runway at the Kennedy Space Center, on Nasa's next-to-last shuttle flight in its 30-year programme. Endeavour will now be prepared for display at the California Science Center in Los Angeles.
  7. 3 June The IET announces release of its standards for UK Electric Vehicle charging points at the end of July. The Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation would include safe installation guidelines for charging points in all locations including offices, factories, car parks and vehicle owner's homes. It will also consider factors influenced by the type of vehicle, from motor bikes and cars to buses and lorries.
  8. 6 June Nintendo says it has been targeted in a recent online data attack, but no personal or company information has been lost. The server of an affiliate of Nintendo's US unit was accessed unlawfully a few weeks ago, but there was no damage, a company spokesman said. The damage from what could be a recent spate of data breaches was more serious at rival Sony.
  9. 7 June Apple unveils a new online storage service called iCloud at the company's Worldwide Developers' Conference. iCloud will mean people will be able to share book purchases, music and data, such as calendar items, across different devices, while backing up and updating information regularly.

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