Photo Competition entry 1

Photo Competition: Can you tell what it is?

Your chance to win a prize by simply guessing what the role of our photo competition winner is. We'll give you a clue: it's in engineering. 

In our March issue, we announced our photography competition entitled 'Capturing the Unseen', where readers were asked to submit a shot of a familiar object, machine or installation from an unusual angle.

This issue we are delighted to announce our winning shot, shown above at number 1. The photographer will, however, have to remain anonymous while we kick-start the second part of the competition.

What exactly is it?

All we want to know from you is this: what's in the winning photo? And, secondly, what kind of engineer has taken the photo, given that it reflects his or her job?

Let the guessing – or the informed and reasoned responses – commence!

In it to win it

This is a competition with a twist, because it pits our readers against the photographer. The first entry correctly guessing what the photograph show will win a 4'Dane-Elec My Ditto networked storage device (above). If no correct replies are received by 31 July, the photographer has won, and receives the prize instead!

Answers should be sent to and received by 31 July.

To whet your appetite

We have chosen three runner-up snapshots to get you started. Can you guess what the pictures are? Answers are given below.

The decision of the E&T judging panel is final and not to be disputed. For full competition terms and conditions, contact




2. Jaws of a torque machine for assembling threaded joints in the oil industry by Chris McBride, instrumentation and control supplies engineer

3. A Radio mast in Sudan by Philip West, radio engineer

4. Transformer fins by John Cowman, power engineer

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