Make the most of the IET's virtual library

Make the most of the IET's virtual library

Several thousand full text journal titles, company and industry profiles and other information resources, powered by EBSCOHost are available for IET members to access.

The virtual library is a fantastic part of the IET library’s growing electronic resources. It will get you up to speed on many aspects of your student and early career – be it material for student dissertations, job interview preparation or work projects. 

Databases of records, journals and company profiles

EBSCOHost comprises of eight databases all highly relevant to the electronic and engineering field such as “Energy and power source” and many go beyond the core subject such as “Business source corporate”.

Take the GreenFILE database for example. This database indexes nearly 400,000 records and covers human impact on the environment, global warming and renewables to name but a few.

How to search

Folk normally search across all databases and then fine tune the search to specific databases, publication dates, full text only or publication type (e.g. academic journal or newspaper).

Finding out about potential employers

The virtual library is great for looking for the latest academic articles on a particular technology and also to research the company you are applying to work for. You can choose from thousands of worldwide full Datamonitor company profile reports, just go to ‘more’ at the top of the page and you will see company profiles’ listed in the drop down menu.

Saving you lots of manual work

Are you ever involved with searching for “prior art”?  EbscoHost is perfect for that – just put the technology in the search field, set the publication dates you are interested in and see what comes up – can be very revealing and a supreme way of cutting corners and saving you lots of manual donkey work.

Free to members

Any catches to using EbscoHost? – You must be an IET member to get access to this free resource (you just need to be logged in on the IET website with your normal IET member web log in).  You must go through the IET portal EbscoHost otherwise you will get unhelpful and frustrating messages telling you that you can’t access it! Some of the articles will just show as an abstract but this may only be due to a short publisher embargo and visit again in a few weeks and hey presto you may have the full article!  Whatever you do, have fun using EbscoHost ….it is there to make your life simpler.

The IET’s research service

Finally, if you want help with researching a specific topic using several resources or charged databases try our research service – it can reveal research you never even knew existed or simply reassure and confirm what you have found.

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