Sir James Dyson

James Dyson Foundation supports aspiring engineers

The James Dyson Foundation is supporting aspiring engineers at UK universities by providing a donation of £1m towards postgraduate scholarships.

The funding, given to the UK's top design and engineering universities, aims to encourage young engineers to pursue their interests at postgraduate level. The money will provide financial support for outstanding students who demonstrate a passion for engineering, enthusiasm for the research topic and financial need.

"Studying design and engineering is costly. But it's vital,” says Sir Dyson. “We don't produce enough engineers to get the country out of economic doldrums with new technology. The challenge is ensuring the best don't drop out in favour of banking careers.”

The University of Bath and Bristol University are two institutions to have announced receiving donations. These will fund one new three-year postgraduate bursary of £25,000 per annum at each university.

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